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Because everyone needs to unload.

Unload with Madge & Dave is a comedy podcast hosted by two people with so many ridiculous and amazing Hollywood experiences themselves that letting someone else comment on what happened each week would be criminal.  Join Madge & Dave each and every week for their Weekly Unload on entertainment and celebrities, their Personal Unload about what’s ruining their own lives and the Listener Unloads sent in from celebrity guests and fanatic listeners of the show.  It’s one part pop-culture party…one part psychological therapy session.

But who are Madge & Dave?

Madge & Dave have chased down vehicular felons on meth while drawing the authorities to their location.  They have worked for years in the entertainment industry.  They have been on movie & TV sets, eaten craft service with TV stars and had warm salads thrown at their heads.  They left the sunny slopes of Hollywood behind for a better life in the Pacific Northwest where they still find time to get pulled back into the L.A. drama.  But above it all, they are hilarious.  But don’t trust us — trust the listeners instead.  They’re the smart ones.


KristieJ writes, “You can’t not love these two.  They are a boatload of charm and funny as scheister.”  Soylent173 proclaims, “I tend to agree with them half of the time, but I laugh 100% of the time.”  Delainalee chortles, “This show is hysterial.  If you are looking for light-hearted humor, look no further.” Meanwhile, G-Little has announced that “Madge and Dave have great chemistry” while cheapblueguitar beamed, “this husband and wife team are bright, hilarious and engaging.”  Potential stalker, The Bearded Iris shared, “I wish Madge and Dave were my neighbors.”


Unload with Madge & Dave is a consistently top-ranked comedy podcast on iTunes, has been featured in numerous magazine articles, and written about often on the Internet.  And sometimes, it even goes shopping for its own food at the supermarket…just…like…you!

Unload with Madge & Dave is Listener Supported

Without your support, Madge & Dave would be standing on a freeway onramp asking for funds to pay for hosting for our show.  That means, if you can donate — we encourage it!  A dollar, five dollars, or fifty million dollars.  It all helps (especially fifty million dollars).  Just click on DONATE in the menu up there at the top.  All donations received will be acknowledged on an upcoming show!

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  • January 26, 2013