Everyone needs to unload, so why not you? Call 260-7-UNLOAD and get your voice heard!


Reaching back into the dark closet and pulling out the mixer, a pair of microphones and a trusty pair of headphones was quite a symbolic moment for us, especially since the last time we had hit the digital airwaves was back in the end of 2011. But the time off was just what we needed in order to get refocused and re-energized with the goal of making 2013 the year in which we would bring back the Unload.

One month in, and we can tell you that strapping Unload with Madge & Dave on the table and shooting electricity throughout it’s digital body was just what it needed. Heck, just what we needed. As 2012 passed us by, so too did fifty-two weeks of pop culture so waiting for Madgeisms and Daveites that it was almost painful having to sit back and say nothing. That’s why when the hiatus had reached its limit, we knew it was time to come back. Thankfully, you were there waiting for Unload’s return.

And so, one month into the New Year, Unload with Madge & Dave is officially here to stay. With our traditional Friday night episodes, looking back at the week that once was… To our Wednesday night Classic Bonus Clips – clips that were only previously available through the Madge & Dave iPhone, iPad and Android app (see below for links to pick it up for a cool $1.99) now available for all to hear. And while our Intervention episodes have run their course, it’s anyones’ guess what other weekly content may start to come your way. In reality, we’ve got a lot in store for 2013, including our official 100th Unload episode this Fall.

Since we relaunched the show, we’ve received amazing support from our listener friends and our corporate podcast friends (iTunes, Windows Phone, Stitcher, et al) and began building an even larger community around the show. We welcome all our “VIP” (or Vintage listeners) as well as our Newbies. And to everyone, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the show. We also appreciate any way in which you can support us — spread the word, leave reviews on iTunes, tell friends to “Like Us” on Facebook and yes, even the dreaded DONATION clap-trap. As we often raise money to keep the show going through our many Scrapbooking Ponzi schemes, you can imagine we’ve raised about a dollar in cash.

We’re here to stay. No more hiatuses and no more Incontinence or Blank (unless you all require it to live). So strap in, get those weekly Madge & Dave rituals under your belt, and prepare for a year beyond anything you have ever witnessed before in your entire life (or not). Either way, it’s going to be fun and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Madge & Dave

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