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It's a battle of wits and 80's trivia this week as Madge & Dave go head to head in "Hunch a' Bunch" -- the most dangerous Brady Bunch trivia game ever. Plus a bunch of other stuff about your week in pop culture.

Madge and Dave discuss the Superbowl food coma, House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, James Cromwell, Christina Applegate, Rachel Zoe, The Swan, Yoda, Chewbacca, Rex Reed, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Plus, new feature Hunch a Bunch, Ben Affleck Got Robbed Again and I Don’t Get Blake Lively. Also, bad handshake do overs, no sideboob, people who agree to disagree and why buying lottery tickets with coworkers is a bad idea. Oh, and Madge gets all Nicki Minaj on people. (Week of February 4, 2012)

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Sushi chefs yell, and people listen. And yet nobody on the face of the Earth knows what they're saying. Until now.

Madge and Dave discuss Monica Potter’s Patrick Stewart bald cap, Charlie Sheen, Megan Fox, the People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes and Oscars. Also, Incontinence or Blank, The Boring-est and new feature Ben Affleck Got Robbed. Plus, nudity on TV, I Don’t Get Whoopi Goldberg, bullshit shirts and crazy people who think you’re friends because you drive the same car. Oh, and Dave speaks sushi. (Week of January 7, 2012)

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