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Something has gone dangerously wrong with Senator John Kerry's face...and Madge & Dave seek out the solution. And yes...Superbowl!

Madge and Dave discuss Barbara Walters, Taco Bell, Jason London, Amy Adams, John Kerry’s face and Leann Rimes. Plus, Ben Affleck Got Robbed, I Don’t Get Nicki Minaj, the Football Minute and Netflix. Also, gross floss, ludicrous woodwind instruments, people who share gum and a listener unload about Burger King’s horse meat. Oh, and Madge and Dave audition for their own version of American Idol. (Week of January 28, 2012)

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Madge and Dave discuss Chris Brown, Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and the bikini-clad woman who tore up a Burger King. Plus, we discuss GE’s new Prince William fridge, the woman who hid cash and pills in her privates, why the witness protection program stinks and why taking pills needs to be more pleasurable. Also, I Don’t Get Uma Thurman and Stupid-Head Dave. And Madge coins the phrase ‘purgina.’ (Week of March 21, 2011)

Madge & Dave, Episode 38