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Something has gone dangerously wrong with Senator John Kerry's face...and Madge & Dave seek out the solution. And yes...Superbowl!

Madge and Dave discuss Barbara Walters, Taco Bell, Jason London, Amy Adams, John Kerry’s face and Leann Rimes. Plus, Ben Affleck Got Robbed, I Don’t Get Nicki Minaj, the Football Minute and Netflix. Also, gross floss, ludicrous woodwind instruments, people who share gum and a listener unload about Burger King’s horse meat. Oh, and Madge and Dave audition for their own version of American Idol. (Week of January 28, 2012)

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Madge and Dave discuss Canada, Oscar nominations, Will Smith’s lack of any new movie ideas, Charlie Sheen’s hernia and Taco Bell’s meat. Also, new feature 5 Seconds About Our Previous Feature 10 Seconds About Sundance, I Don’t Get Charo and couch forts. Oh, and Madge has some pretty strong opinions about the Moon. (Week of January 24, 2011)

Madge & Dave, Episode 30